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Colchester + Ipswich Museums want to make every visitor feel both welcome and comfortable as they explore our venues. Twiddlemuffs are aids that can provide sensory stimulation and help calm people affected by conditions like dementia or autism. Embellishments such a buttons and tassles give the wearer something to fiddle with, which can provide a much needed distraction.

We are looking for knitters and crocheters to help us create a bank of Twiddlemuffs in both towns, which will be made available for visitors to borrow. 

What's involved?

There are no rules for creating a Twiddlemuff. They can be any combination of colours and decorated in any way you like, which means they are a great way of using up leftover wool or random bits or ribbon. Simply seach for 'Twiddlemuff pattern' online to find examples to you get started. For instance:

We would love to see and share photos of your craft project as it progresses. These can be emailed to us or posted on social media:

Here's one we made earlier!

We would greatly appreciate your completed Twiddlemuffs by Friday 1 February 2019. They can be handed in to Colchester Castle or Ipswich Museum, or posted to Lib Fox: Colchester + Ipswich Museums, 40 Heckworth Close, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9TB.




Why get involved?

Volunteering with us offers a great opportunity to anyone with a keen interest in the arts or museums. By becoming a Volunteer Knitter, you will be providing valuable support to Colchester + Ipswich Museums. You will also bring comfort to our visitors and help them better enjoy their time in the museums.

How to get involved?

To take part, simply accept the challenge by signing in or creating an account

As soon as you've signed up online, you're free to start crafting! If you don't have any spare materials at home, we have an assortment of wool, buttons, ribbons etc. at both Colchester Castle and Ipswich Museum, which you're welcome to rummage through. Simply ask the member of staff at our welcome desk.

Ideal Skill

  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Community engagement
  • Arts + crafts
  • Helping people
  • Opportunities in Colchester
  • Opportunities in Ipswich
  • Volunteering at weekends
  • Volunteering on weekdays

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